Prior to moving into residential real estate, Sparkle worked in the mortgage servicing industry. One of the many appeals of switching over to real estate was finally being able to build relationships that transcend the day in, day out routine of life at corporate firms. “Now I am growing an amazing client base, developing relationships that will last a lifetime!”

Two keys to her success as a broker? Relationships in the estate management world have produced numerous referrals and the other was joining Kentwood. Our “brand and level of professionalism means everything to me. People are familiar with the role Kentwood plays in our community and I think our marketing is the best.” Colleague Darrell Hamilton also taught her early on that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. “I try not to worry about what others think – to just be myself and amazing things usually happen!”

The seminal moment in Sparkle’s personal life was becoming a parent at 22 years old. Now, she has three boys and one girl - 15, 14, 14, and 10. “That’s another thing about working in real estate she loves. “It affords me the kind of work/life balance to still get the opportunity to make lasting memories with my kids before they move out of the house.” Not to mention the newest member of the family, an English Bulldog named Rocky, who expects plenty of her attention.

With plenty of life lessons under her belt and having gone to 11 different schools while growing up, if this military belt could travel back in time, she’d have plenty of advice to give herself. “Always focus on quality over quantity. Learn to budget and pay with cash whenever you can. Don’t let your fears get in the way of your dreams.”

Sparkle has lived in Douglas County her whole time in Colorado and she loves going on small hikes near home.  A big night out includes a hearty meal at Perry’s Steakhouse and a late-night snuggle with Rocky.

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